Add comfort and style to any park or playground project with park amenities and site furnishings. Park amenities and site furnishings give your outdoor recreational spaces an inviting look and welcome park guests.

We offer high quality, durable park amenities to assist you in furnishing your outdoor spaces. Park and Rec Pros has just the right park amenities to furnish any location including schools, universities, corporate complexes, municipal centers, campgrounds, housing complexes and more.

Location. Location. Location! It’s the same with park amenities. Amenities. Amenities. Amenities! Park amenities add curb appeal and draw visitors to your location over another. Park amenities and site furnishings can transform a boring place into a comfortable unique destination.

From city centers and corporate spaces to community playgrounds or neighborhood parks we have a wide variety of shade options, site furnishing collections and other park amenities to create comfortable stylish outdoor spaces. Caregivers need benches so they can comfortably sit and watch their children play, others need a shaded place to sit with younger children while siblings run, jump and play throughout the playground. Adding these type of park amenities provides park guests comfort and the ability to stay outdoors for longer periods of time.

Need bike racks for your college or school campus, or dog park equipment for your apartment complex, Park and Rec Pros has a wide variety of outdoor amenities and site furnishings to create curb appeal. Give your community a comfortable stylish outdoor space they can enjoy and benefit from.