Looking to add NEW FUN to your playground space? Or maybe you just want to build a smaller scale play space or pocket park? Freestanding play components can provide FUN all on their own while being part of a larger park or playground design. Freestanding play elements add fun to small areas without the big costs.

There are a wide range of freestanding playground equipment to make your play space MORE FUN!

• Playhouses

• Climbers

• Slides

• Swings

• Motion Play

• Musical Play

Spinning, climbing, swinging and sliding — trigger important body systems to develop and function properly. Playground movement build gross and fine motor skills, along with core strength. Those movements enhance the vestibular system — the sensory system that helps with balance and coordination — and develop proprioception, or body awareness.

Playhouses provide a comfortable environment where children can pretend, learn and model various activities they see adults doing at home or in their everyday lives.

Children have an innate desire to climb—climb on, climb over and around! Freestanding climbers can be fun and challenging and help develop a child’s coordination and strength. They can also provide a place for older children to hangout and socialize.

Children love to be in motion! Seesaws, spinners and spring riders are fun freestanding motion play components that help add a sensory-rich experience to the playground.

Swings and slides have been all-time favorites on the playground for decades. Children love to slide and swing. “Let’s see how high we can swing,” or “can we slide down the slide together,” are commonly mentioned on the playground.

Outdoor musical instruments are another sensory-rich experience that are both inclusive and multigenerational that can be clustered together or spread out along a path or throughout your play space.

Our freestanding play components are just the thing!