Whether you own a school, are designing a commercial park, or looking for the perfect commercial playground to cover an open space, Park and Rec Pros has plenty of options to fit your specific recreational needs. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for below, please give us a call.

If you have a simple square or rectangle level site free of obstructions, make a simple diagram and measure the length and the width of the area using a measuring wheel or tape measure. Double check your measurements for accuracy. If it is not a simple square or rectangle, simply take several measurements of the length and several of the width at various places. We recommend at least three if not more. Make notations of any fencing, trees, underground utilities or other obstructions. Remember, the ideal site is level, free of obstructions and has good drainage.

Yes, you will need some type of safety surfacing under your playground equipment. All public playgrounds are mandated to have appropriate safety surfacing based on the critical fall height of the play equipment. We comply with all ASTM safety guidelines when it comes to public playground safety.

There are two types of safety surfacing: loose fill and unitary. Both loose fill and unitary safety surfacing have their pros and cons. Loose fill includes Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) commonly known as playground mulch, and rubber. These are a lower initial investment but will require regular raking and occasionally topping off material to maintain the proper fall attenuation. Unitary safety surfacing is generally more expensive than loose fill and is very low maintenance. Unitary surfaces do not displace like loose fill, and include poured-in-place rubber, bonded rubber, rubber tiles and turf.

Choose playground equipment that meets safety standards and industry guidelines, is accessible, is age appropriate and keeps children engaged and physically active. Choose playground equipment that has progressive challenges and includes the seven elements of play: sensory, swinging, sliding, spinning, brachiating, balancing and climbing.

Most of the playground structures at parkandrecpros.com have a limited lifetime warranty on metal uprights, metal hardware & bolt-through connections. The warranty on metal decks, pipes, rungs, rails, loops and rotationally molded products is 15 years. While these warranties apply on most of our playground structures, warranties may differ on select units and can be provided upon request.

Buying a playground is not an easy task and can seem overwhelming. However, purchasing your playground online can be easier than you think. First, knowing these three things can make it much easier: 1) age group of children you are looking to accommodate, 2) the area you have to work with and 3) your budget and if that includes equipment, installation and safety surfacing materials. To make it easier for you, Park and Rec Pros has several turnkey playground projects for you to choose from. They include a play structure, engineered wood fiber safety surfacing, borders and certified installation. Consider one of these packages to speed up your playground purchase.

We have been in business since 1966, so we have over 50 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining parks and playgrounds. To assist buyers with the ever-changing market and provide up-to-date purchasing solutions, we have established parkandrecpros.com as an online option for those customers wishing to purchase via the internet.

Yes, we work with certified installation crews nationwide. Our installers are factory certified and will install your playground equipment according to all safety standards. Some of our equipment is simple and straight forward to install should you decide to install the playground yourself. Installation instructions are included.

Since parkandrecpros.com was established as an online purchasing option to keep our prices more affordable, we utilize a wide range of software and technologies to conduct playground consultations via phone, email and video conferencing. For sites free of heavy trees and shrubbery, we can even assist you in accurately measuring your site via Google Earth. If it is determined that we cannot accurately measure your site due to several irregularities or obstructions, we may refer you to one of our local Cunningham Recreation sales associates for additional assistance.

First you will receive a quote. Once the quote is signed and your color choices have been made, payment in full is required to complete your purchase.

A great school and children's playground is one that everyone can play together on. Make sure you provide inclusive playground equipment that is accessible at ground level, sensory-rich, provides components and systems that allow children to play together in an engaging way keeping physically challenged, creates opportunities for social and imaginary play and that has a safety surfacing that is adequate and accessible.