Plenty of Options, Guaranteed Fun

Find the perfect playground structure here at Park and Rec Pros. We have a variety of play structures for children of all ages and abilities to fit any budget. Our playground equipment is covered by one of the industry's best warranties. Park and Rec Pros has a play solution that is sure to work for your church, daycare, school, or neighborhood park or playground.

View play structures that are specifically geared towards the agegroup you are looking to accommodate. Park and Rec Pros has playstructures for early childhood, ages 2-5 and ages 5-12. Our earlychildhood play equipment focuses on children 6 to 23 months old.Infant and toddler play encourages exploration and brain development.

As children develop and grow, so does the design and intent of the play equipment. Our play structures for children ages 2-5 encourage cognitive, physical and social development while our playground equipment for ages 5-12 is specifically designed to develop and improve balance, coordination, physical endurance, problem solving and social skills.

Encouraging physical activity is more important than ever, as childhood obesity numbers are rising due to the increase of screen time and less time outdoors. Making play and fitness equipment more challenging and providing gathering spaces to hang out and socialize for older children is very important to keep them active and staying outdoors longer. Keeping the body active also stimulates the mind.