Providing the proper site amenities to public spaces is important in maintaining property and keeping a nice-looking park, building, city street—essentially keeping your community clean and welcoming. Providing trash receptacles and recycling stations encourages park guests, community members and customers to discard waste materials properly.

As a must-have amenity for any outdoor space, our commercial outdoor trash receptacles are designed for a variety of needs — from large hole openings in the lids to side doors for easy trash can liner access. Not only are they convenient for guests, but for you the customer as well. Trash removal needs to be fast and easy for your maintenance staff.

Our durable trash receptacles, recycling stations, litter cans, and waste containers can be found in many environments including parks, schools, community centers, college campuses, city streets, food courts, and professional office buildings. Park and Rec Pros wants to help keep your parks, campuses and city streets clean and looking well kept.