Selecting the right safety surfacing solution is an important part of planning and building a safe playground or fitness space. We have safety surfacing solutions that work with any budget. Safety surfacing can be divided into two categories: loose fill and unitary surfacing. Our playground surfaces are certified to meet all applicable ASTM standards, including F1292 for impact attenuation and F1951 for wheelchair accessibility.

Loose Fill Safety Surfacing Solutions

• Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) also referred to as “playground mulch”
• Loose-Fill Rubber

Opting for loose-fill playground surfaces, such as Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) also commonly referred to as “playground mulch” or Loose-Fill Rubber, can have a lot of benefits. Generally, these options are cost-effective and have good shock absorption. However, they can degrade and thin out over time, and therefore tend to require more maintenance to ensure that they remain safe. Additionally, loose-fill surfacing can move, shift, and suffer erosion, especially in high-traffic or frequent-impact areas, such as under swings or slides.

Loose-fill safety surfacing also requires some type of border system to keep the surfacing contained.

Unitary Safety Surfacing Solutions

• Poured-in-Place Rubber
• Bonded Rubber
• Rubber Tiles
• Turf

Unitary rubber safety surfacing solutions are bonded elements either applied to the substrate surface of a playground as rolled on or formed into tiles and installed by professionals for insurance and warranty purposes. These tend to require less maintenance than loose-fill surfaces over time.

Turf is another type of unitary safety surfacing solution that gives your play environment a natural look. Our Synthetic Playground Turf includes a cushion layer that provides fall protection and infill is worked in among the blades to discourage blade flattening and help reduce surface temperature.

Learn more about our safety surfacing solutions or contact Park and Rec Pros to assist you in finding the best safety surfacing solution for your park or playground project.