Why to Invest in a New Playground for Your Daycare

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Are you entertaining the idea of adding a new playground to your daycare center or early childhood facility? If so, rest assured that this is one investment that will start paying off immediately.

Time outside is an important part of a young child’s day. They can be physically active and engaged with their peers while participating in activities of their choice. Just as school-aged children need a break from the rules and expectations of the classroom, kids in daycare need a break, too.

Let’s take a look at the many reasons to invest in a new playground design for your daycare center.

Encourage Outdoor Time

Obviously, the main reason to upgrade your daycare playground equipment is to encourage teachers to take the kids out to play. Outdoor time breaks up the day and gets kids outdoors for essential physical activity.

Young kids also need a break from the structure and expectations of their room. Kids as young as two years old must sit still, clean up their mess, etc. While it’s important to have these expectations, kids also need a break and a chance to have control over their world, even if only for a short time.

Improve Behavior in the Classroom

Much of the same benefits that are seen from recess for school-aged children are seen from daycare kids as well. This includes better behavior in the classroom. When toddlers and preschoolers have some time to do what they want and release excess energy, they are better behaved in the classroom.

Part of the reason why behavior improves is because kids have the chance to burn off energy and return to the classroom more focused and ready to learn. But another reason is because playgrounds provide opportunities for young children to make decisions, solve problems and interact with others.

When kids know how to handle emotional interactions with peers, there are fewer tantrums, toy taking and fights. Not to mention, kids need a variety of settings to practice their social skills, and a playground provides a new and unique setting.

Boost Enrollment

Daycares survive off of tuition, so it’s important that your daycare is full (or close to full) at all times. If enrollment starts to slip, so does your monthly tuition and funding.

To make your daycare competitive, it’s important to offer clean, safe amenities - and this includes a daycare playground. Parents want to see that their child will be able to get outdoors for fresh air. Otherwise, they have to sit inside a single room all day long.

With a new playground for your daycare, you can appeal to more families and boost enrollment. Make sure your playground is age appropriate and has the correct safety surfacing. Kids under 5 are not yet steady on their feet and tend to fall more often.

Start Designing Your Daycare Playground

It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling with a new daycare playground. Park and Rec Pros offers turnkey solutions for daycare centers and early childhood facilities. Choose from one of our many playground packages and you can have a new playground in no time!