How to Make Your Playground Design Affordable?

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Commercial playground equipment is a big investment and can get expensive. Let’s discuss a few ways you can make your playground dollars go further.

It’s very possible depending on the features you are looking for. Below are some of our best tips for helping our customers keep their playgrounds affordable.

Know What You Want

This may sound obvious, but it’s the most important part of designing your park or playground. By knowing what your playground needs and the size of your space, you can get an accurate estimate from the start.

At Park and Rec Pros, we recommend measuring your site and making note of fencing, trees and underground utilities. The best sites are level, free of obstructions and support good drainage. Also consider the number of children and their ages who will be using your park at a given time. Know the type of play components you would like to see on your playground. For example – do you want a play structure that will accommodate ages 2-12, a freestanding climber and swings; or do you want two separate play structures one for ages 2-5, and one for ages 5-12, and swings.

Remember, larger inclusive playground structures that are ramped and fully accessible allowing mobility devices up onto the equipment are very costly. Inclusion is important, but there are other ways of making your playground inclusive. First and foremost, make user your play structure is ADA accessible and has a transfer station and the propriate number of ground accessible play components. Consider adding swings with adaptive seats, musical instruments at appropriate heights for those in mobility devices, spinning seats and other sensory equipment.

One more point to keep in mind, custom designs cost more. Try to choose a play structure from the vendor’s offered selection that has most of the play components you are looking for without having to custom design one.

Oh, and don’t forget your site furnishings. A bench or two are nice for parents and caregivers to site comfortably and watch their children play.

Consider Turnkey Solutions

Park and Rec Pros offers both freestanding commercial play structures and turnkey solutions that include a play structure, engineered wood fiber safety surfacing, borders and installation. Our playground equipment meets all safety standards and industry guidelines. In addition, these turnkey play packages also include FREE FREIGHT.

Buy Your Equipment Online

To keep our prices low, Park and Rec Pros was established as an online purchasing platform from the start. We utilize a wide range of software and technologies to conduct playground consultations over phone or email. This reduces operational costs, and these savings are passed onto you - our customer!

Install the Equipment Yourself

Another way to save money is by installing the playground equipment yourself. This might sound challenging when it comes to commercial playgrounds, but Park and Rec Pros keeps things simple and includes all installation instructions. Community builds are also an option. Members of the communities may have access to equipment and other resources to aid in installing your park or playground. Besides many hands make light work. But if you do need installation, that’s not a problem! We have certified installation crews nationwide.

Shop for Affordable Playgrounds Today

We hope that you’ve learned some new ways to keep your playground design affordable. For a free quote on a custom or turnkey playground, contact Park and Rec Pros today. We have high quality equipment, excellent warranties and low prices every day!