Essential Outdoor Park Furnishings to Incorporate in Every Playground

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Outdoor park furnishings put the finishing touches on a playground. These amenities allow parents, teachers and caregivers to relax comfortably while keeping an active eye on their little ones. Tables, benches and bike racks also add functionality to playgrounds so that people don’t mind visiting again and again.

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential outdoor park furnishings that should be included in every playground design.

Park Benches

Park benches play an important role in bringing the community together. Placing them strategically throughout your park provides people with a comfortable place to rest and relax. Bench seating also serves as a “stopping point” for people who want to connect with others in the community or enjoy their morning coffee.

Commercial Playground Amenities

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables provide a cozy space for outdoor gatherings. Whether it’s catching up on great conversation or sharing a picnic lunch, outdoor tables offer a safe, sanitary and comfortable place for relaxing and eating. You can even consider adding a pavilion to your park so that it can be rented out for parties and other special events.

Shade Structures

Shade structures have a number of benefits. They offer UV protection, keep park goers comfortable and provide a high-quality, elegant look. By offering comfortable shade, people will be more likely to visit your playground and stay for longer. Ask Park and Rec Pros about our shade structures that include hip shades, sail shades, umbrella shades and cantilever shades.

Outdoor Park Furnishings

Trash Receptacles

To prevent litter from ruining the appearance of your park, you’ll need to offer plenty of trash receptacles. Having these within reach encourages visitors to pick up after themselves and keep the playground clean. Park and Rec Pros has a wide selection of trash receptacles to meet your needs - some with large hole openings and others with sliding doors.

Park Grills

People love to grill outdoors, so why not offer guests several park grills alongside your picnic areas? You can provide a traditional cookout experience while fostering community engagement. People will enjoy coming to your park where they can expand their outdoor enjoyment, grill up burgers and hot dogs and watch their kids run around and play.

Bike Racks

Bike racks welcome cyclists and encourage more families to use bikes as a mode of transportation. Park and Rec Pros has a number of bike racks that are durable, stable and aesthetically pleasing. This way, cyclists will feel good knowing that their bikes are safe and secure while they spend time enjoying your outdoor amenities.

For a great selection of outdoor park furnishings, contact Park and Rec Pros. We’ll help you bring the finishing touches to your playground so that it can be enjoyed by more members in the community!