5 Signs of a Successful Day Care Facility

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When parents evaluate daycare facilities for their children, they’re taking many factors into consideration. Most parents say the top things on their list are affordability, quality and accessibility. By knowing what parents want, you can add the right features and amenities to your daycare to boost enrollment and satisfaction!

Below are five signs of a successful daycare facility. How many does your facility have?

1. Outdoor Play Spaces

Kids in daycare spend a lot of time in the same classroom so it’s important that they have opportunities to get outdoors on nice days. Does your daycare have safe, enclosed spaces with the appropriate playground safety surfacing? If not, parents may get the idea that outdoor play is not a priority for your daycare.

2. Age Appropriate Playgrounds

Early childhood playground structures stimulate creativity, imagination and learning. However, parents know there are big differences between a 1 year old and 3 year old, and most don’t feel comfortable combining these ages on a playground. This is how kids get hurt. Parents prefer to see playground equipment separated into zones or sections based on age. They type of safety surfacing will be particularly important as little ones tend to put things into their mouths and up their nose. Unitary safety surfaces make the most sense for this age group.

3. Safety and Security

This is a no-brainer. Great daycares go above and beyond to ensure their kids are safe. You might have your indoor classrooms childproofed but what about your outdoor space? Playgrounds should have safety surfacing like poured-in-place rubber to protect small children from falls, as well as maintained play equipment and shade structures to block harmful UV rays.

4. Interesting Curriculum

Daycares often distinguish themselves by their curriculum, as some are play-based and others are educational-based. In general, parents appreciate when their kids have a good mix of both. They especially value when curricula incorporate outdoor play and movement as well as opportunities to explore nature. These hands-on activities establish healthy habits from the start.

5. Happy, Engaged Kids and Caregivers

Only a parent can decide which daycare center is right for them. But you can expect that everyone who comes in for a tour will expect to get a good feeling. Parents want to see happy, engaged kids in various activities like art, music and outdoor play. Offering early childhood playground equipment is an effective way to support sensory, cognitive, social and physical development needs.

Parents have a lot of options when it comes to childcare so it’s important to make your daycare facility stands out. Give them a reason to choose YOU! Contact Park and Rec Pros to learn more about our convenient, affordable commercial playgrounds for daycares, preschools and early childhood learning centers.