5 Essential Playground Safety Reminders Amid a Pandemic

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COVID-19 numbers are back on the rise, so many families are limiting activities with others. Quarantining indoors, particularly with kids, is not an easy thing to do! Fortunately, you aren’t expected to remain indoors all the time. Families are encouraged to get outdoors and choose places that offer enough space for social distancing.

Luckily, commercial playgrounds are a great escape for kids and parents - and one of the safest places, too. As long as you follow the proper precautions, you can enjoy some much-needed outdoor time this season. Here are five essential playground reminders that will help keep everyone safe.

1. Avoid Crowds

Crowds make it difficult to social distance. This is why it’s best to avoid busy playgrounds. Try to pick a time of day when the park is less busy, such as in the early morning. Even though you’ll be outdoors in the fresh air, it’s still important to maintain a 6-foot distance from others.

2. Use Hand Sanitizer

Bring along hand sanitizer to keep your hands free of germs. Sanitize hands when reaching for a snack, after using the bathroom (if there’s no soap and water) and when leaving the park. The virus can live on surfaces up to a few days, so clean hands are essential. Antibacterial wipes also work well and double as a bonus for wiping down slides and picnic tables.

3. Wear a Mask

Experts recommend wearing masks at parks when you can’t maintain a 6-foot distance. We recommend neck gaiters for kids because they’re lightweight, comfortable and can be worn around the neck. This makes it easy for kids to pull them on and off as needed, and there’s no straps to mess with!

4. Choose Your Park Wisely

Set yourself up for success by choosing the right playground. Some families have better luck with smaller parks where their kids can play together on the same equipment. These parks also tend to be less crowded. Other families find large parks to be ideal because they offer more space for their kids to run and play on their own.

5. Be a Good Role Model

Kids are always learning through observation, so be a good role model and practice social distancing, wear your mask and keep your hands clean. Always arrive at the park well-prepared with the essentials, including snacks and water. Finally, choose playgrounds that allow for safe, family unit play.

Whether you’re playing at a church playground or a public park, these five safety reminders will help keep you and your family safe. When the proper precautions are followed, outdoor playgrounds are some of the safest places for kids and families to be during a pandemic!