5 Essential Dog Park Accessories

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With strict leash laws in most communities, dogs are used to being on a leash when out in public. Dog parks provide a nice change of pace for dogs and their owners to get outside and run around and play. If you are considering building a dog park for your community, it’s helpful to know what types of equipment and accessories to include.

Park and Rec Pros offers a wide assortment of durable dog park accessories and equipment for all spaces and budgets. We recommend including these five amenities in your park to keep both dogs and their master owners happy!

Dog Park Accessories

1. Dog Leash Station

A dog leash holder provides a safe and secure place to hang dog leashes. Park and Rec Pros offers an environmentally friendly recycled post with four convenient leash hooks. It’s easy to clean and has UV-stabilizing properties to eliminate fading. It’s a wonderful addition to any dog park - and pet owners will appreciate being hands free.

2. Pet Drinking Fountain

Another must-have accessory is a pet drinking fountain. After all that running around and playing, dogs need a place where they can rehydrate. It’s important for dogs to rehydrate, otherwise their health can start deteriorating quickly. An inground drinking fountain provides fresh, clean drinking water (it’s NOT the same as water sitting in a bowl) for whenever pups are thirsty.

3. Park Benches

This one is for the dog owners! Be sure to include several park benches at your dog park. Too often, we see dog parks that consist of an open space with a fence. Give humans a place to sit back and relax with comfortable and durable vinyl-coated benches. You can even choose a themed bench that features pawprints and dog bones.

4. Dog Park Surfacing

You’re not limited to plain grass for your dog park. In fact, this can be one of the worst options because dogs will dig right through it, leaving a muddy mess behind. Instead, consider the many dog park surfacing options that are available such as wood chips, turf or interlocking tiles. Park and Rec Pros can help you choose the perfect surfacing for your needs!

5. Waste Management

Another dog park accessory you can’t forget is waste management. A dog waste system helps keep outdoor spaces clean and gives owners a quick and convenient way to clean up after their pets. Be sure to choose a rustproof option that includes a sign saying something like, “Please clean up after your dog.” You might think this is common knowledge, but it still needs to be encouraged!

Get in touch with Park and Rec Pros today to discuss your project and the next steps to take. Between our preconfigured dog park agility courses, standalone equipment and accessories, we have everything you need to build the best dog park in the area!