5 Benefits of a Playground at a Church or Religious Organization

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Think playgrounds are just for schools and daycares? Not so fast! Playground equipment is also a great addition to a church or religious organization. As families come to worship, learn and grow, your playground can offer kids and parents respite from their hectic lives. Not only that, but having a park can also attract new families to your church.

If you’re thinking about installing park playground equipment at your faith-based center, here are five amazing benefits to consider.

1. Encourage Fellowship Among Children

Kids today have a lot of stress on their shoulders, which is why they benefit from having safe, loving environments to spend some of their free time. A church playground gives kids a common place to play, learn and engage with others their age. They can meet new friends from outside their school and hopefully have more interest in participating in church-related activities.

2. Increase Interest in Church Activities

Speaking of church activities, wouldn’t you like to get families more involved? Many families are willing to do so but can’t because they’re children get easily bored. An hour in church is usually all they can handle and they leave right after the service. However, you can change this with a church playground. Kids will have a safe and inviting place to play during mass, while families won’t be in a hurry to leave.

3. Attract New Families to Your Congregation

Parents are more likely to choose a church that is family-friendly. After all, no one wants a church full of people staring at them while their child cries! As people move to the area and look for congregations to join, they won’t miss your colorful commercial play structures. They’ll know right away that children are welcome and encouraged. What a wonderful way to create a youthful and energetic congregation!

4. Support the Local Community

You may want to consider opening up your playground to the community when it’s not in use by your church. This is a thoughtful way to give back to the community, as families are always looking for safe, interactive places for their children to play. And who knows - as people visit your park after school or on the weekends, they might have interest in joining your fellowship!

5. Practice What You Preach

No matter what religion your church practices, there are similarities between them all. For example, most religions have a strong sense of family and community-based rituals. So - practice what you preach! Playground equipment for churches offers endless opportunities for families to connect, build memories and come together for the greater good of humanity.

Church playgrounds do not have to be expensive! Park and Rec Pros makes play possible and attainable for all! Contact us today to learn more about our options for affordable commercial playground equipment for churches and religious organizations.