4 Additions All Playgrounds Need to Make It Enjoyable for Everyone

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4 Additions All Playgrounds Need to Make It Enjoyable for Everyone

Planning the perfect playground for your school or community is a fun experience when you know what you want and have an expert playground contractor to work with. But there are some things that every playground needs regardless of the size or budget. 

Climbing Structures 

Climbers are freestanding play components that can enhance your playground experience. You can include one large structure or have separate structures based on age such as 2-5 years and 5-12 years. 

  • By just 3 years old, preschoolers can climb, stand on one foot, jump, skip, kick a ball and walk on tiptoe. Climbers provide the opportunity for young children to practice all of these skills. 
  • 80% of parents agree that playing on climbing structures provides their children with physical benefits like exercise, balance, coordination and flexibility. 


Children love swings because they provide the “sensation of flight.” With so many swings to choose from - bucket swings, strap swings, tire swings, saucer swings, expression swings - you can find the perfect addition to your commercial playground. 

  • Swings are the heart of any playground. Not surprisingly, they date back to 5th Century B.C. when they were made from ropes and wooden sticks. 
  • Humans have 98.5% of the same genes as chimpanzees - and these great apes have spent millions of years swinging and moving freely. No wonder why we love to swing!

Sensory Play 

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates the five senses. Water and sand are great opportunities for sensory play as are spinners, seesaws, spring riders, bouncers and musical instruments. 

  • Sensory play is important to brain development. Consider that an infant has 50 trillion synapses, and by age 3, they have 1,000 trillion of them! 
  • 86% of teachers say that playing outdoors gives children a better understanding of their environment 

Site Furnishings 

Site furnishings enhance the look of your playground while ensuring it’s comfortable and functional for visitors. Benches, trash receptacles, picnic tables and bike racks are all furnishings that will transform your playground into a community destination. 

  • 80% of parents agree that their children enjoy playing outdoors significantly more than playing indoors. Give parents a reason to visit YOUR park! 
  • A survey by North Carolina State University found that parents value parks that are safe, have clean facilities and open, green spaces. 

Design the Perfect Playground 

At Park and Rec Pros, we’re experts in playground design and fabrication. By including the above four additions to your park, you can ensure a beautiful and safe place for kids of all ages to play, learn and grow within your community.